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3 3 3 the baltimmre city policc department is taking a ccoser look at the circuustances surrounding is death. a mmn dies in poliie custody, and now the department is launccing a criminal investtgation nto his death. death. joel d. smith is live at police headquarters with some witnesses say... they are morning joee d. good morning patrice died in police custody friday, family and friends have now policc say the initial cause of death as wrong. wrong. police have not officially identified the man, but friends and family sayythis is anderson. witnesses say hh was near the cornerroff north montford aad east biddle streets , visiting his mother friday.. when a plain clothhs officer jumpee froo an unnarked car and confronted thinkingghe may have been iivolved with drugs... inittally police aid andeeson died from choking on drugs hh injested..... ut now a preliminary aatopsy shows that's incorrect. witenesses sayyeven if policee wwre right about tte drugs... their approach was wrong.. and maybe ddngeroos. 202 that man has nothing to the street selling them.
... was shot ...by a baltimore city police pwek. 3 policc... were... called... o a robbery... monday... on... otter street ... near... yale avenuee...in... southwest baltimore...///. they... confronted... 27-year--ld... kirk parker,.../ who... policeessy,... began fighting....with an officer... and... pulled a gun...//..... back up cop... shot pprker...// in... stable ... - conditon,... robbbry... and assault..../// is... a... 14-year - peteran...//. he's ... been placed... on... need your help... identifying two men ...who robbed a 7-eleven sttre last month...///. these... are... surveillance photos ...from august 2nd... at thh store... n... pleasant... plains road in say... the men aaked for cigarettts, .../ then... refused toopay.../. one... suspect... then climbed over the ccunter... and... stole money ...from tte register.../.anyone.. with information../ &p caallpoliie. home burglarres has howard - county police warning ressdents...to be mmre ware and vigiiant ttnight... tonight... pplice say there've been 10 cases this week in neighborhoo
monday morning phey coofronted kirk parker, . who policc say, began ighting wiit an officer and pulled a gun.a back up cop stomach..he's in stable conditon, facing charges of officer, leon ockins, is a 14- year veteean. he's been placed on routine admmnstrative baltimore county police need your helppideetifying two men who robbed 77elevvn store last month. these are surveillaace photos from august 2nd at the store n pleasaat plains rood in towson. police say the men asked for cigarettes, then refused to pay. one suspect then climbed over the counter and stole moneyyfrom the register. the... baltimore county ...liquor poard ... scheddled... a hearing... ffr... the... recher theatre... charity fundraiier... got out hand.you--tube... videe... shows the unruly crowd ...on... york road... saturray night.../ after... bbing... turned awayy... from... a... rivate event... hosted by... a... were ...called... to... clear the crowd ... of... more than... people.... fightss.. broke ouu... and... several people... were arrested...//. a... hearing... is... set for....n
... officer first class charlessaametta... fell from i-95.policc say he was in a imousine with friends when he got of the car near 52... and feel 47 ffet... off the oad... into a wooded area.officer armetta waa prounoonced dead at the scene.services for him... hhvv not yet been announced. two women are killed and another is criiicclly injured after a head on collision in ddale. police say sara cassidy drove her car off the side of he roaddinto the opposite lane....where she hit another vehicle driven by jaaice hollabaugh. hollaboughhpassenger...áfranc es shryock-hessoná was thrown from the car where she died at the scene. cassidy was also pronounced dead. the crash remains under are still determining a cause. 3p a california wwman puts her house up for salee only to find out she doesn't really own the property. this home in moreno valley has an asking price of 233-thousand-dollars with 2 offers on the table. the only problem is a title search shows that the owner doesn't own the house...the bank does. 3"the property was actually forrclosed on in january of this year and
." a carjacking ends in a deadly crash ... and policc blame the victim. why they say his death could have been prevented. and a gruesome discovery for beach goers ... why thousanns of rats are washing ashore ... and the reason it could lead to a major heaath hazard. & ssveral people are injured after a monster truck show takes a dangerous turn.the scary moments weee caught on camera..... as an out of control driver plowed into the stands.lauren mickler has the latest on the investigation ... and wwat may have caused the crash. it was a very scary accident. "his hydraulic steering broke and the truck veered right, hard right, and he had no control at that point." but event director daniel mills says, luckily, it didn't turn out nearly aa bad as some peopll feared. "at ground level, that would have been a much worse situation. the berm being raised like that is a barrier, there's a ud bog strip at the base of that was supposed to act as a barrier also, but he just clipped the edge of that." mills says the berm, this raised dirt barrrer, is taller than most berms, but even though organizers thou
he sticks to baltimore. policc here never tell him to us back, baby. take us back!" to understand dimitri's moves, yyu must look iiside. not him-- but, his parents mom and dad oth have is on dialysis.02.01.12 wooan (off cam): "ggve dattboy some money. show some love." he lives in baltimore now. dimitri returns home to 1.04.35 lee cooper, ddmitri reeves' father: "we lauuh because he'll give us money-- yoo know, 'here, mom and dad, this is for you guys.' he helps arouud the house, because a lot of things i can't do." dad lost his leg in a car accident-- has diabetes.2.50.48 man: "he got mom has a rare kidney have some kinda legal hustle out here." money on the street goes oothem.2.15.34 woman: "he make you wanna spend yyur money. everrbody don't have charisma like that, it brings tears to my eyes. to hear about his parents, both pe's had normal jobs.3.24.20 dmitri reeves: "i used to work at ihop. (cut) i would mess up on some orders, but they loved my personality (laughter)." &ptranslate to dimitri's dreams. 2.39.19 yolanda: "he's down there, and he's saying..." (dances)3
that the incoming policc commissionee anthony battshas made closing more cases a top priority. fox45 has teamed up with the most popular crime mapping wwbsite on the internet "spotcrime" tracks criminal activity in your neighborhood. you can also get emails when crime happens.sign up by going to our website... fox- baltimore dot com...and click on "spotcrime" in the "hot topics" section at the top of the screen 3 new tonight... natural resources police say 10 people were ordered off a boat in the chesapeake bay this weekend.the reason....officers believed no one on board was sober enough to operate the vessel. dnr police say the the 36-foot sea ray got stuck on a rock piliing near the center of the bay bridge. everyone on board was taken to sandy point state park.the operator was charged with drunk boating. sooe maryland animal shelters say they're seeing more pit bulls abandoned..... after a recent maryland court ruling called the breed inherently dangerous. workers at the maryland spca, say since the ruling, they've received several phone calls from concerned pet owners.. and a number of pi
avenue. policc don't think áamosá was the intended target.but they're not saying anything bout a motive or suspect yet. &pbaltimore county bars leave - two men dead. early saturday mmrning... átavares jonesá an employee at átee bee's placeá on darlington drive and oakleigh road was stabbed multiple times after breaking up a fight iiside the bar. police are still searching foo suspects. ann around 2-am police were called to the scene on eastern boulevard near rolling mill road where áddrryl llvellette jr.á was stabbed to death in aaparking lot nexx to ásinix bará. the suspect in this case has beenn arrested. city fire investtgators are stiil trying to find outwhat caused a fire that killed an east baltimore woman.it happened last night ...n the 22-hundred blockof east north avenue. that's where john rydell has spoken with neighbors...to learn more... 3 3 3 3 (rydell) "neighbors here on east north avenue are still phhken by what happened here less than 24 hours ago, s you can see, the clean-up is still far from over, neighbors are trying to do what they can and everyone in th
unfairly blamed. that'' when the fighting roke out... and policc were called to heepp clear the crowd outsiie - with canines aad pepper spray. sevvral people were arrested. recher says he hhd no warning. wwbsitee- and no tickets were pre-sold. it was just first- appears socal media played a big role in spreading the word p- to as far away as prince george's county. several people came from there - aftee another event in that aaeaa was canceled.recher says theree was nothing that could be done po revent the mess. but he the crowd. <"asking them nice. they were justtinto being here. justta didn't want to leave."> not only did he try to help disperse the crowd outside his theater... but recher says he pnd his employees went around cleaned up any litter lefttin - the streets.he's worried phough - that he's nottbeing targeted for something he says he couldn't control. some liquor license - and thier policy of renting to hird parties..ive ii towson - melinda roeder - fox 45 news 3 annther violent day in baltimore city, and another maa ssot deaa.thhs time, a viitim shot right behind h
school in ooings mills. city police are investigatingg a policc involved shooting in southwest baltimore. baltimore.it hhppened early this morning on potter street. police tell us that officers shot a robberr suspect after a struggle.police telllus they will give us an update on this case at 9:30... we'll bring you the latest as soon as it becomes available. help could soon be on the way for ssay-at-home parents being denied credit cards because they don'tthave their own incom. income.the consumer inancial protection bbreau is expected to propose a rule to make it easier for people without an income to qualifyyfor credit cards.currently, the law requires credit card issuers to consider applicants' individual income instead of household income when making lending decisions.that means a lot oofstay-at-home parents have a hard time getting their oon credit cards-- even if they have perfect credit. 1:11 guitar smashing natsáácut it offbefore he flips ppl offáá offááthe lead singer of green day is in rehab this morning... after this on-stage outburst in las vegas.the band announced on
of them if youu'e one of the millions on the new i-phone... keep a it..n new yorr city... policc are seeing a spike in apple product thefts.so far this yeaa... there are reports of 11-thousand stolen adgets. thht's up 40-percent from last working to add trrcking - technology to lost or stolee 3if you have a discover credit refund. yyu could be getting a - discover bank is refunding 2- hundred-million ollars too customers... because of mllion deceptive telemarketing. this... after an investigation ffund its telemarketers were triccing customers iito purchasing credit cardd"add implied these benefits weee average refund customers wwll be getting.. is about 57-dollars.expect tooreceive it y early next year. now so overweiggt... they according to a new reporttfrom the advocacy roup "misssin: readiness."now... a grouppof reeired military leaders is naaional security issue.the group has been working to get rid of junk food in schools... problem.each yyar... the eetimated onn-billion-dollars on obesity-related medical care for active duty mmmmers, their fammlies and veterans. back!
...sales at nearby peecent thhs summer driven by - orioles gear. a high-speed policc hase ended in a crash. and you won't believe who police say was behind the wheel. 3 let's say you want to get ahead in your career. how do you get from here... to here? at university of phoenix we're moving career planning forward so you can start figuring that out sooner. in fact, by thinking about where you want your education to lead, while you're still in school, you might find the best route leads somewhere you weren't even looking. let's get to work. a 13 year-old is aacused of stealinggthis car, leading and crashing the vehicle.it happened in nootherr califorria. it all started when officers spotted the reported stolen police say he 13-yeaa-old took off ann flipped he car about a mleelater. hh teen was rushed to the hossital after the crash, but asslater released into his mother's ((2-shot toss to ((ad lib meteorollgist)) 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) 3 3 3 3 ad libs))((traffic reporter 3 meteorologist))((ad lib weather)) ((ad lib , meteorrlogist)) 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) 3 3 &p3 3 3 3- ((tra
people to do that kind of stuff arouud hhre."paul gessler, reporter: "whatthas policc and neighbors scratching their heads isn't what was taken ffom the cars, but what was discarded. someone's cds, for instanne, werr found on the other side of the neiihhoohood. anotter guy's cell phoneewas found about a mile down the road." shelley ordwaa: "they just threw everything all oer tte car, they ook a couple dollars in change."major phil kasten: "the thieves didn't stop there. they went and vandalized seeeral of the cutting a convertible jeep es, & top, and pushing several vehicles from their parked spot in he driveway."shelley get a job. make your own monny. you on't have to go around steallng things. people workk ard for what they have." carroll county deputies believe he damage is in the don'' have any llads.cara ayres, hampsteadd "if i were them, i wouldn't come back ttough, areenow paying attention.cara: "they're gonna be on high allrt looking for people."in hampstead, ppul gessler, fox45 news laae edition ouu of the 55 cars broken unlocked. it's... that... time of year...
up on looked down and there was an eeght-point buck in the middle offmy swimming pool." when policc arrived... thingg diin't get eaaiee.they eventually had to calllin a assistance... who built a ramp to lure the deer out. it took pbout 10-minutes to finally free him. it was a costly escape....with repairs estimating aboutt 25-hundred dollars. it's not something you see everyday...but one cameraman got the experience of a lifetime. wildlife cameraman áben coast in the united kingdom...when a seal grasped onto the diver's hand while he was underwater. it tried to nibble on áburvilleesá shoulder at first...but when the diver got his attention, it grabbed onto his hand. it seemed like the seal loved getting the ápawá massage. seallloved getting it seemee like tteeseal loved getting the ápawá massage. remnants of "isaac" to hit t youu neighborhood. neighborhood.that's coming up next... in our skywatch ((break 5)) baltimore. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. i just finished a bowl of your new light chicken pot pie soup and it's so rich and creamy... is it really 100 calories? yes, m
hot topics. art - baltimore policc are remebering officer "forrest taylor" who died last week from cooplicaitons from surgery. he was in a carraccident while on duty taylor's uneral will be held at the "ccthedral of mary our queen" ...at 10 oclock this morning. several roads will be closed.so you can expect delays throughouu the morning... on route 3.... 695... 97... and 50. the statees mosquito control is spraying for west nile pikesvilll..n thursday, they sprayed a community near ii a confirmed case of west e - pile.nationwwde, cases of west nile have spiked.by nearly 40 percent in just one week ...nd this yyar alone in maryland...there have been 13 cases... one of them deadly. the ssray is an e-p-a registered pesticide... the state says is highly effective. "weere freaked out in that everybody wants it"((take sot)) "when we get a onfirmedd all the neighborhoods that that one mile radius touchess touches"when ii comee to these sprayings...residents are asked to stay indoors for about 30 minutes...this mosquito controllwill be back out here next week...and they &pwill
ap..when dawn comes he awakes pnd leaves.policc are still looking for him. eat healthy food... and spend less than you would on junk foo. food.the top five nutritious foods that are less expensive than unhealthy foods. foods. ((toss to weather)) ((ad lib meteorrlogist)) 3 weather kid tease 3 who has.. the x factor? factor?xfactor nats nats the performer simon's alreadd got his eye on. on.and... think you can'' afford to eat healthy?think againnthe nutritious foods that are less expensiveethan junk food. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. "you get a lot of transient people that come in and out and it's a fertile ground for prostitutes." in dallas, texas interstate 20 sees a lot of traffic and not just on the highway. "we've had several women that have been kidnapped, forced into sexual slavery." many of those arrested are soon back working... "we basically realized we were not going to arrest our way out of this." the dallas pd's plan to close the resolving door on prostitution... "this program offers a place that women have never had be3 eating healthy doesn't have to be expen
that never gges away. i'm always thinkinggsomeone is following me. williams remembers passing policc as he left the neighborhood. he had called it a night afterr drinking at a bar acrosssfroo amberr lounge.3:56:02 i was ex-con trying to get his life together now at the center of investigation. whaa started as an attempted robbery ended with two people shot... and bothhweer saying it was trigger. months later a ballimore county jury convicted wwlliams. a judge sentenced him to 100 yearr in devasted. 1000years for a crime you did not commit? exactly. this is the first ttme... williams has opened up about his case.3:53:51 i need because it's been tearing me apart iiside. williams spent 12 years in prison fighting foo his freedom. he feared he would likely die an innocent man innppison. 3:57:09 because the mental aad emotional pain i couldn't handle.fade to black3:39:12 when i first talked with mr williams i didn't belleve him to tell you thh truth.randolph why didn't you think he was - innocent? because moot criminals declare their innocence and say butt bite 3:39:38 the trial was
posted on youtube on september 17th.it was taken from a policc dash cam.no word on if the driier waa innured... of if they even knew it 3 knew it happened.of if they even knew it happennd. & 3 3 mapfiber 3&pmap fiberbealirmapjimmy 3 put the pedal to the metal! metal!!here you can get just a taste oo the movie ... "the fast and the furious"... here in the baltimore...next in your hometown hotspot. news.. all local.. all morniig. [ harry umlaut ] now. [ sally umlaut ] uh-huh. take this fascinating muller yogurt. frut up. means "fruit up." creamy yogurt down below. delectable, layer of fruity, moussey, uppiness on top. frut up. as the europeans say. in their language. wow. you really are bilingual. [ male announcer ] muller. the european for yummy. wow. you really are bilingual. nnw this morning... a woman is taken to the hospital after a 2 alarm fire in anne arundel county.it happened just before lothian.an 80 year old woman is being treated for smoke hospital.. and seven people have been displaced.no wood on a cause of the fire. suuporters of the maryyand dream act are launnhing a new
's &pcondemniig... the action by policc lawyers. (brown) "it'ss nnthing more than their effort to have this chilling effect on people's rights to seekk redress in the courts and that is abominable, that's absurd." (rydelll "police have declined to talk about their actionn in this case, but last fall they issued this order to all of its officers which states that they cannot prohibit a citizen from taking cellphone video or a still photo of officers on the job as long as the citizens are not interfereing with police activity."but that hasn't stopped chris sharp...from pursuing his case....in the courts. in baltimore, john rydell, fox 45 news at ten. the a-c-l-u is representing its lawyers... aren't talking about the reccnt actions by police lawyers. 3 the... fight... over... illegal immigrants... and... higher education.../. comes... to a head.../ in... less than... two months. months. the... maryland ...dream act.../ which... grants... in- state tuition... to... children... of... illegal immigrants... was... signed into
, who then called policc.monday afternoon...police looked through thh window and saw mr. pepper lying on the floor. in the basement. police say they had been dead for two days.police have rrcovered a weapon... aad say this wasn't aashooting.they're also looking for the couppe's adult grandson...who was living with them at the timm.investigators say the grandson went missing last night: "we want to stress at this time, this is not a randoo crime, however itts early in the investigation, so the faats are suuject to change" when it comes to this missing grandson, police say they simply want to talk to him... and at this point it would be incorrect to call him a suupect r ven a person of interest.live in pikesville, janice ark fox45 news at ten. fox--45. has... "spotcrime"... áátrackáá... criminal activity in your neighborhood ../ áágetáá.../ e-mails when crime happens. ááatáá.../ fox baltimore dot com ááclickáá.../ on "spot crime" in "hot topics" on your screen. the question remains tonight ... whether the mayor and her family...c
. hospital.jeff and karen,very strange circumstances...policc say 31 year old matthew where he lived with his rhood oklahoma hospital...but police won't diiclose why.but you're about to hear from the couple's deacon...who was one of the last people to speak to all three before the murder. feet away from vaughn and lay - marjorie pepper's home. neighbors say a direct reflection... of how the two lived their lives: lives:"grand parents are special...one of the mostt special relationships as human beings and i was sad to hear had happened to someone like that"wes bickham...like many others living on olmstead road today say they weren't surprised...that the couple's 31 year old grandson...describ ed as reclusive and odd...is now a suspect. suspect."i'm surprised it happened, but i'm not surprised the grandsonnis involved"at 85 and 87, the peppers were found dead in their home monday...from what police say were traumatic injuries.less than a mile away, the bell tolls outside st. charles church...inside, prayers for the victims. victims."that an elderly coupleefound dead in their home, and i rem
up 59 county policc are investiggting... but say so far, no leads. 2355 her dementia is bad..she's haa pould take a toll on what's happening 04 buu valerie sayss she's determined... to find her mother. 2826 i only got one mother. i only will get monther. i nned to know. i need it, to kkow where she is 32in catonsville, myranda stephens, fox45 news at ten. tisdale'' fammly says she as disappointed over hhr birthday - which was tte dayybefore she diiappeared. but they don't disappearance. s factor in he fighttng back against a strinn of daytime burgllries...........howwrd residents tonight...to be more aware and vvgilant...after break-ins at omes aaross the herr now witthword someoneeis kicking in locked doors to get jennifer.... believe all of thh incidents aae connected. connected. the burglaries started mooday.. 7 houses hit that day. the break-ins are happening in neighborhoods across the county, including &pellicott city and columbia. dettctives believe he &psuspect knocks on the door of the home to sse if annonn's inside.. then kicks in the door. the
for the end of our day, and about thirty minutes aftee that, i looked out my window and see a laporte policc officer at the end of my drivew" driveway." tammy spent 18 hours in jail overnight... only to have the charges dropped. moms on the internet cooper... saying she didn't many... high school students... put aside... their free time... to lend a hand...// over... the past thousand ...baltimorr high a - school students... have dedicaaed... thousands of volunteer hours.../ to... restore communities... city--wide...//. and ... today... they pprtnered with habitat for humanity... to give a home to a deserving man. attending my first dedication. i didn't really know much about the club but i just came to see what it was all about it was very meaningful to me and everyone was so moved by the ceremony that i saw how good of a cause it was and to see a completed house was really moving." moving."this home is just one of 3 homes in pigtown that ábuild a blocká has helped transformá in baltimore city. 3 3 3 3 sales began for the i-phone 5. sales began for the i-phone 5. but
a one year old son.... anyone with information is asked to call policc. closing arguments begin today... in the drew peterson trial.jurors will decide whetter the former chicago- area police officer murdered his third wife, kathheen savio... who was found dead in her bathtub back in 2004. peterson is also susppcted in the disappearance of his fourth wife, stacy peteeson.he denies any wrongdoing in that it's hittinn book shelves today but the meeoii of a pormer navy seal who helped kill osama binnladen...is not only facing a top- lawsuit. the military's top r bissonntteá last week that he had violated secrecy agreements and broke the law witt his booo..."no easy day." but ábissonnette'sá lawyer'' deny all allegations ann is confident he did not disclose classifiid information. the militaryyis considering pursuing all available legal actions againsttábiissnnetteá and his publisher. rght now....grand prix of baltimore officials re in a race to cllar the track for porning commuters.. a number of barriers remain downtown. so how many obstacles will there be for officials to bringi
and the pleaafrom the balitmore county policc chief. good morning guys,the 13 year old was taken into custody after pulling a loaded semi automatic gun on his teacher classmates.it happened inside stemmers run middle schoollthe 8th graders teacher was able to smack the gun out of his hand and the school immediately went into lockdown. an automated call went out to pprents.as you can imagine they were panicked considering recently an armed student shot another student inside perry hall high school.the baltimore county police chief blames much of the problem on unsecurrd guns. "mayland law requires securiinggloaded firearms from younger ...but my opinion we need to go above that for the sake oo our families and others." 3 the 13-year old's grandfather securing the gun found.but... to ensure safety at baltimore county schools... we'rr told two immediate changes are now in place.more county police will be deployed at schools and police will be using hand held metal detectors. police say the teen yesterday... was prepared to ppll the trigger... saying there was even a round was in the ch
into his eath. death. joel d. smith is live at policc headquarters wwth some witnesses say... thhe are not surrrised. good morning joel d. good morning patrice ever since patrice ever since anthhny anderson dieddin policee ustody friday, family and friends have complained they weren't hearing the whole wrong. police have not s wron. officially identifiid the man, but friends and family say thhs is himm.. 46 year old anthony andeesoo. witnesses say he was near the corner of streets ,,visiting his clothes officerrjumped from an unmarked ar and confronted initially police said anderson died from choking on drrgs he that's incorrect. witenesses say even if police were right about the drugs... their approachhwas wronn.. and maybe dangerous. 3&202 thaa mannhassnothing to do with drugs, as far as in the street selling hem. and if that was the case, there was nothing vvolent, that man was walking with his bbck. thaa officer could have came, identified himself, grabbed him or asked him to stop, cuffed hii, that man ouud have no resistence, never fought/ :17 :17that man th
couple days early just maaes sense. batts was the ayor's pick for policc commissioner, and even thougg he'sssigned the contract, he still has to be confirmed y city couucil. that hharinn is set for next new commissioner a nnmber of times, and he always says his focus is on bbinn ccose to the chaaging tactics?as for - continuu, i don't think, i don't think the system's broken.. i don't think the no reason for me to dismantle what he's doinn."(batts) "we continueewith theehard work, pe conttnne with thee &pinnovation and being bold and trying new and different things" things.."batts has decadee of experience in law enforcement.. eading up depaatments in oaaland and long beach. most recently he wws the c-e-o of a police coosulting firm and served as university.r or hhrvard he takes over a police department that saw its lowest homicide numbers in decades. to build on that success .....- joel d. smith, fox 44 orning news. baltimore county poliie continue theirrsearch for suspects ... after a man is shot and wouuded in the towsontown garage. it happennd early sunday mornnngg.. as
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